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Palacký University

Student associations

    Erasmus Student Network

    A network of European university students´ organizations established to promote and support student exchanges, support international and intercultural communication among students of different national and cultural background. It´s organized on local, national and international levels.

    A local branch of ESN. Its members assist incoming international students from the very beginning, even before their arrival in Olomouc. They offer buddy system, organize sport  and cultural activities, special events, involve foreign students in a variety of activities connected with Czech society and culture in order to get them familiar with Czech people and their way of life.

    Foreign students interested in a buddy service should contact ESN UP at

    ESN UP members can arrange a pickup from Olomouc train station if notified in advance via e-mail, although a transfer  from  Prague – Ruzyně  Airport to Olomouc,    incoming students need to make by themselves.

    ESN UP Olomouc offers a special ESN Card which gives its holder a privilage to participate in all activities organized by ESN UP such as trips, sport and cultural activities etc., last but not least it offers discounts at hostels, restaurants, hairdressers etc.. The card is valid for one year within the ESN network (

    Most of ESN UP members live in Neředín dormitory, a direct personal contact is ensecured for case international students need some help at any time. In Neředín dormitory, by the reception, ESN UP members run an information board for international students.

    Palacký University Christian Fellowship (PUCF)

    We are international students who meet together in small groups to read and study the Bible each week at venues including Faculty Hospital (Fakultní nemocnice), the dorms at Neředín and in the town centre. We plan to host events during the year, including talks on medical ethics (looking at ethical debates currently in the news and the Christian perspective). Social events might include movie nights, concerts, picnics and day trips outside of Olomouc. If you would like to join us, or are interested in meeting up to find out more about what the Bible teaches, please contact us - we would love to hear from you.  Please 'like' our Facebook page to receive information about events that we host.

    Contacts: Ayay Akol ( and Mun Yee Ng (

    Meetings: Friday nights and other times during the semester



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