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Palacký University

An annex to the Faculty of Education in Olomouc

On 29 April 2011, the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Mr. Josef Dobeš, signed a Decision on the provision of a grant for the project of Research and Education Centre for the Faculty of Education Palacky University in Olomouc (reg. number CZ.1.05/4.1.00/04.0150). The project prepared by the Faculty of Education UP since 2006 now completes the many years of the faculty’s efforts for a dignified and an inspiring environment for education, science and research in connection with the training of future teachers and other experts on education.

The project under appeal 1.4 Infrastructure for Teaching at Universities Associated with Research from the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation acquired a grant amounting to CZK 299,776,952, while the European Union contribution amounts to CZK 254,810,409.20 and the contribution from the Czech Republic’s state budget amounts to CZK 44,966,542.80.

The implementation of a project of such statute, which is not only unique in the history of the Faculty of Education but also in the range of similar projects from the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation, will greatly contribute to the development of literacy and intelligence in the Central Moravian region. However, the impact of this project is also supraregional: improvement and further development of the scientific and research potential of students of Doctoral study programmes and improved education of the young science and research staff in the area of special education, education and special methodology.

The execution of this project, which forms part of an integrated plan for the city’s development under the banner Attractive and Competitive Olomouc, will fulfil two mutually synergetic parts:

Educational – the project plans to achieve an interactive relation between the education and research areas through the faculty’s internal network (including the multimedia). It will thus increase the potential for education, science and research in the form of classrooms and laboratories with expert specialization and with focus on development. The synergetic idea is the direct and organizationally flexible cohesion of educational activities and the research and development activities into one unit.

Research – expansion and intensification of research in the fields of special education and education and special methodology, all that in association with research and development of new education and information technologies and research in the area of cyber-grooming or cyber-mobbing. The premises are also planned to house a research centre, accentuating research of modern technologies enabling integration and education of persons with impairment. Implemented and planned research and scientific activities are always associated with creative activity for the students of the Doctoral study programmes.

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